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Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy | Volume-3 | Issue-02
Gender Analysis of the Strategy against AIDS in the Active Military in SaintLouis (Senegal)
A. B. Tall, A. A. NDiaye, A. B. MBodj, P. G. Sow, A. Faye, B. Gueye
Published: Feb. 28, 2014 | 135 122
DOI: 10.36347/sajp
Pages: 116-122
Since 2005, Senegal has a national strategy document for equality and gender equity with two objectives of establishment of an institutional, legal and socio-cultural economic environment conducive to the achievement of gender equality in Senegal and effective integration of gender in development interventions in all sectors. In order to participate in the achievement of these objectives and to fight against the feminization of HIV / AIDS in Senegal, it seemed relevant to do the gender analysis of the planning and conduct of the project of fight against AIDS among the active military in St. Louis. Three investigative techniques were used to collect data: a) The review of project documentation that was used to analyze the gender approach in the design of the project, b) Individual interviews with key people responsible for the design and implementation and focus groups separately with beneficiaries both men and women who have permitted to assess the knowledge and perceptions of the gender project , c) To see the role of men and women in the implementation of the project. The results have shown that the willingness to involve women in the various activities of the program is obvious. Planning does not highlight the priorities of women and men, despite the context of the feminization of the HIV epidemic. Individual and group interviews conducted in St. Louis revealed a "top down" approach to programming. Knowledge of the gender was usually partial or erroneous because of a lack of training in the issue. In fact, everybody said they had never had any specific training on gender mainstreaming in development projects. In general, men, women, boys and girls participated in various sensitization projects