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Scholars Journal of Dental Sciences | Volume-6 | Issue-02
Sifting of Jaw Lesions: A Comparative Study of Conventional Radiography, Advanced Radiography and Histopathology
Dr. V. Shakuntala Soujanya, M.D.S, Dr. M. Vinuthna, M.D.S, Dr. Abhishek, M.D.S, Dr. T.Harshavardhan, M.D.S, Dr. Suresh Kumar, M.D.S, Dr. Jayakrishna, M.D.S
Published: Dec. 28, 2023 | 373 243
DOI: 10.36347/sjds.2019.v06i02.007
Pages: 53-77
Aims and Objectives: To compare and highlight the role of conventional radiography advanced radiography and histopathology in diagnosis of various jaw lesions. Methods: A retrospective study was carried out using available past 3 years dental records of the Meghna Institute of Dental sciences and from them 30 cases were selected and analyzed for clinical features, provisional diagnosis, radiographic diagnosis- both conventional and advanced then finally followed by histopathological diagnosis. Results: Among the 100% of contributed jaw lesions, the most prevalent and diagnosed lesions on Conventional radiography were 33.3% Cystic lesions, 23.3% Malignant lesions, 16.7% Inflammatory lesions, syndrome and systemic diseases, 10% Benign tumours ,10% fractures and 6.7% Fibro osseous lesions whose correlation with the advanced radiographic diagnosis was found to be less statistically significant when compared to histopathological diagnosis which was found to be more stastically significant. Conclusions: Thus, Advanced radiography is definitely an adjuvant in diagnosis of jaw lesions over conventional radiography, especially to assess severity/number of fractures and to know the exact margins of malignant lesions; however histopathology is a gold standard for diagnosis of jaw lesions.