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Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports | Volume-12 | Issue-02
Repair of the Wall Chest Using the Neocote Technique of a Huge Chondrosarcoma
Khalil Ghebouli, Amar Djender, Kenza Bendjoudi, Bachir belbachir, Mehdi belbekri, Mohammed amine kecir
Published: Feb. 21, 2024 | 69 71
DOI: 10.36347/sjmcr.2024.v12i02.018
Pages: 204-208
Chondrosarcoma represents the most common malignant bone tumor, its prognosis is quite good provided that the surgical excision is wide because the evolution is loco-regional, metastases are only observed in tumors of high malignancy or during recurrences. A wide excision implies a significant parietal defect, a source of complications, justifying the need for reconstruction. The principle of the neocote technique is to attempt to reconstruct a solid wall, as anatomically as possible. The main advantages of this original technique are respect for the anatomy of the chest and the mobility of the wall, respiratory function is therefore better preserved. We report a case of a patient operated on for a huge rib chondrosarcoma and who benefited from repair using the neocote technique.