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SAS Journal of Surgery | Volume-10 | Issue-02
Antibioprophylaxis in the General Surgery Department of the Commune 1 Reference Health Center in the District of Bamako
Diarra, I, Coulibaly, S, Dembélé, K. S, Sanogo, M, Sylla, Y, Traoré, M, Keita, B, Haidara, M. K, Sylla, Y, Kanthé, D, Koné, O, Karembé, B, Kanté, L
Published: Feb. 23, 2024 | 63 53
DOI: 10.36347/sasjs.2024.v10i02.020
Pages: 230-238
The aim of our study was to investigate antibiotic prophylaxis in the general surgery department of the C I commune referral health centre. This was a 12-month prospective study from 01 February 2021 to 31 January 2022 on antibiotic prophylaxis in general surgery. 129 patients were selected according to our inclusion criteria (patients who had received ceftriaxone at the time of anaesthetic induction. Patients belonging to Altemeier class I (clean surgery) with an infectious risk of estimated at 2 by the NNISS score and Altemeier class II (contaminated clean surgery). The antibiotic used was ceftriaz (ceftriaxone). The dose was two (2) grams. A single dose was given at the time of anaesthetic induction. The intravenous route was used exclusively. Patients underwent constant clinical monitoring. We had four (4) cases of surgical site infection (3.1%). The average post-operative hospital stay was two (2) days. Analysis of our results enabled us to identify a number of infectious risk factors: type of surgery, ASA score, emergency, anaemia and blood glucose level. Among the germs isolated, Escherichia coli was the most frequent (50%).