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SAS Journal of Surgery | Volume-10 | Issue-02
Necrotizing Fascitis of the Neck: Rare Case Report
Md Karen Lissette Mina Ortiz, MD Katherine Elizabeth Córdova González, MD. Rosa Maritza Fajardo Bejarano, MD Daysi Tatiana Balseca Quisaguano, MD Xavier Alejandro Hidalgo Velasco
Published: Feb. 24, 2024 | 60 50
DOI: 10.36347/sasjs.2024.v10i02.021
Pages: 239-242
Introduction: necrotizing fasciitis corresponds to a bacterial infection of soft tissues, characterized by diffuse and rapidly progressive necrosis of the subcutaneous cellular tissue and musculoaponeurotic system, accompanied by marked systemic septic involvement. Clinical case: the case of a 63-year-old patient, former smoker, pack year 10, clinical picture of approximately 4 days is presented, characterized by generalized facial edema without improvement with pharmacological treatment, accompanied by unquantified thermal increases, intense pain. neck, general condition assessment and appearance of signs of phlogosis and ampullary lesions in zone 3 and 4 of the right neck. The diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis of the neck with no apparent cause was established. A necrectomy was performed and the patient was admitted. Discussion: in this particular case, the unusual location of necrotizing fasciitis in the anterior region of the neck is striking; it generally occurs in people with diabetes mellitus and immunocompromised people and in this case it occurs without apparent cause. Conclusion: necrotizing fasciitis of the anterior region of the neck without apparent cause, rare infection, rapidly progressive and difficult to diagnose in the early stage.