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Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences | Volume-12 | Issue-02
An Examination of Tinnitus from Both Clinical and Epidemiological Perspectives: A Comprehensive Review Study
Deaa Mohammad Alsuleman, Alaa Mahmoud Salameh
Published: March 15, 2024 | 146 119
DOI: 10.36347/sajb.2024.v12i02.001
Pages: 34-38
Tinnitus refers to the subjective perception of sounds in the brain or ears, such as buzzing, clicking, or hissing, in the absence of any external auditory stimuli. It is a commonly encountered phenomenon among individuals worldwide. The primary aim of this study was to examine recent advancements in the literature concerning the frequency, origins, control, and therapy of the subject in question. The researchers utilized prominent research engines such as Google, Google Scholar, Science Direct, and others to gather publications about tinnitus. The findings indicated that tinnitus is widely prevalent on a global scale and can be ascribed to neurological, hereditary, and environmental reasons. The therapy and therapeutic options for this condition are diverse and depend on the underlying causes.