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SAS Journal of Medicine | Volume-10 | Issue-06 Call for paper
Gastrosplenic Fistula, an Unusual Diagnosis of Gastric Haemorrhage: Case Report
N. Mennis, W. Chaja, A. El Hajjami, B. Boutakioute, M. Ouali Idrissi, N. Cherif Idrissi Ganouni
Published: June 10, 2024 | 34 28
DOI: 10.36347/sasjm.2024.v10i06.006
Pages: 506-509
A gastrosplenic fistula is an exceptional consequence of gastric cancer and a rare source of significant upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage. We report a case of a spontaneous gastrosplenic fistula secondary to gastric adenocarcinoma. The patient was taken to the emergency department with haematemesis and a hemoglobin level of 1.9g/l. A CT scan indicated that there was a gastrosplenic fistula. Because the bleeding had ceased, primary surgical treatment of the fistula was judged unnecessary. The patient was stabilized, transfused, and sent to an oncology unit for chemotherapy. We hope to raise awareness of this unusual consequence of gastric malignancies, review the presenting signs and symptoms, and evaluate the imaging aspects.