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Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy | Volume-12-Issue-12
Dec. 8, 2023 | Original Research Article
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Discrimination of Human Insulin and its Analogs by Flow Injection Analysis with Mass Spectrometry
Atsushi Ishimura, Reon Kagasaki, Toshiyasu Mikuma
Sch Acad J Pharm | 256-260
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.001
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Dec. 9, 2023 | Original Research Article
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Assessment of Prescription Pattern in Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer
Dr. Joshy George Zachariah, Dr. Geetha Jayaprakash, Dr. Suchitra, Dr. Glory Susan Zachariah, Dr. Chandrani Das
Sch Acad J Pharm | 261-270
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.002
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Dec. 16, 2023 | Original Research Article
Medication Errors Related to Look Alike and Sound Alike Medications: About a Moroccan City University Hospital and Community Pharmacies Experience
Naoual Nchinech, Omar Benhasna, Sanae Achour, Abdesselam Elkartouti, Yassir Bousliman, Jamal Lamsaouri, Yasmina Tadlaoui
Sch Acad J Pharm | 271-277
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.003
Dec. 16, 2023 | Letter to the Editor
Off-Label use of Medications in Pediatrics: Problem or Miracle Solution?
Dr. Naoual Nchinech, Badreddine Moukafih, Sanae Achour, Abdesselam Elkartouti, Yassir Bousliman
Sch Acad J Pharm | 278-280
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.004
Dec. 16, 2023 | Original Research Article
Pharmacist’s Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Towards Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patient in Tabuk City, Saudi Arabia
Abdulazez Sabri Salh, Dr. Abdurahman Alyousef, Fahad Abdullah AL-Bulwi, Saud Mohammed Al-Khaldi, Azzah Ali Sanbi, Eeyed Ali Alalawy, Nader Salem AlBalawi, Faris Ahmed Hakami, Abdullah Masoud Magrashi,
Sch Acad J Pharm | 281-286
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.005
Dec. 20, 2023 | Original Research Article
Prescription Pattern of Antiepileptic Drugs in Different Types of Seizure Disorder in Children
Dr. Ann Rose Joseph, Dr. Geetha Jayaprakash, Dr. Udayakumar
Sch Acad J Pharm | 287-295
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.006
Dec. 20, 2023 | Original Research Article
Assessment of Patient Related Factors Associated with Medication Adherence in type II Diabetes Mellitus
Dr. Namitha S, Dr. Vaishnavi Prasannan
Sch Acad J Pharm | 296-306
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.007
Dec. 23, 2023 | Original Research Article
Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Academic Staff: A Cross-Sectional Study at a Higher Education Institution in Lusaka, Zambia
Steward Mudenda, Billy Chabalenge, Ruth Lindizyani Mfune, Matildah Nyoni, Annie Mumba, Tina Haanyanga, Phumzile Skosana, Webrod Mufwambi, Sadeq AL-Fayyadh, Roland Nnaemeka Okoro, Scott Kaba Matafwali,
Sch Acad J Pharm | 307-314
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.008
Dec. 25, 2023 | Original Research Article
Drug-Drug Interaction Knowledge among Healthcare Professionals
Ghada Fawzi Hardan, Yasmin Ibrahim AlMaaitah, Ghaida Tayseer Alnsour, Rawan Amjad Khraisat, Wafa’ Mohamad AbuRoman
Sch Acad J Pharm | 315-321
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.009
Dec. 27, 2023 | Original Research Article
Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Patients Diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection
Dr. Theertha Sanilkumar, Dr. Vaishnavi Prasannan, Dr. Ditto, T. T
Sch Acad J Pharm | 322-333
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.010
Dec. 27, 2023 | Original Research Article
Assessment of Quality of Life in Young Adults with Migraine
Dr. Ditto, T. T, Mrs. Sheetal Kuriakose, Dr. Theertha Sanilkumar
Sch Acad J Pharm | 334-344
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.011
Dec. 30, 2023 | Original Research Article
Assessment of Common Mental Disorders in Patients with Alcohol use Disorder
Dr. Rashika C P, Dr. Geetha Jayaprakash, Dr. Smitha
Sch Acad J Pharm | 345-354
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2023.v12i12.012