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Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy | Volume-6-Issue-12
Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
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Determination of Lipid Profile among Sudanese Patients with Prostate Cancer in Khartoum State
Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed Muawia Hasssan Mohammed, AmnaO.M.Elzein, Abdegadir Eltom
Sch Acad J Pharm | 546-548
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.10
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Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
Anticonvulsant Activity of Fruit and Leaf Extract of Emblica officinalis against Strychnine Induced Convulsions in Albino Mice – A Comparative Study
Alla Narayana Rao, Kanagala Priyadarshini, Tanuku Satyanarayana
Sch Acad J Pharm | 536-545
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.9
Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
Comparing the therapeutic action of octreotide, trimetazidine and their combination by pro-inflammatory and enzymatic changes in L-Arginine induced acute pancreatitis in male rats
Sameer H. AL Rekabi, Hassan A. AL Aqooli, Muayed S. Salim
Sch Acad J Pharm | 549-554
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.11
Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Santalum album Linn
G. Sabari, Amreenkousar, Chandrakrishna J, Harathi G, Mounika L, Akhil K, Satyanarayana T
Sch Acad J Pharm | 523-526
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.7
Dec. 30, 2017 | Article Removed
Article Removed
Sch Acad J Pharm | 503-510
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017
Dec. 30, 2017 | Review Article
A Valuable Insight Impact of Pharmacist in Pharmacogenomics
Sana Hasmi, Gamal O. Elhassan, Shamshir Khan, Mohammad Rashid
Sch Acad J Pharm | 527-535
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.8
Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
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Development of a New RP-HPLC Method for the Estimation of IBRUTINIB
Narlapati Jagadeesh
Sch Acad J Pharm | 492-502
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.3
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Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Proteins Isolated From Zingiber Officinale Root
Chikkanna D, Santosh Kumar N, Subhas Chandrappa M, Dinesha R
Sch Acad J Pharm | 519-522
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.6
Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Bacterial Isolates from Surgical Site Infections in a Teaching Hospital, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Chandrakala Penagadam, Shanmugam Yamanaboina, CH. Srinivasarao
Sch Acad J Pharm | 511-518
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.5
Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of Some New Stilbene Derivatives
Rathnakar Reddy Kotha, Anil Kumar Garige, Achaiah Garlapati
Sch Acad J Pharm | 482-491
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.2
Dec. 30, 2017 | Original Research Article
Effect of Patient-Specific Factors on Warfarin Dose in a Sample of Iraqi Patients
Maha Ali Saleh, Rafid Bashir Altaweel, Ahmed Sahib Abdulamir, Ahmed Salih Sahib, Haitham M. Kadhim Alwali
Sch Acad J Pharm | 476-481
DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.12.1