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Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy | Volume-10-Issue-03
March 3, 2021 | Original Research Article
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Availability of Medicines in Community Pharmacy to Manage Patients with COVID-19 in Kenya; Pilot Study and Implications
Sylvia A Opanga, Nadia Rizvi, Annie Wamaitha, Israel Abebrese Sefah, Brian Godman
Sch Acad J Pharm | 36-42
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2021.v10i03.001
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March 4, 2021 | Original Research Article
Quality Assessment of Some Brands of Levofloxacin 500mg Tablets Commercially Available in Gwagwalada, Abuja
Victoria Deborah Onalo, Danraka Abubakar, Stephen Monday Chibuyojo
Sch Acad J Pharm | 43-48
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2021.v10i03.002
March 28, 2021 | Original Research Article
Awareness of Oral Corticosteroid Use among Sudanese with Rheumatological Diseases: A Single Centre Study
Waleed Azhary Sir Alkhatim, Yousif Abdallah Adam, Esraa M Attaalmanan, Samah A M Idriss, Alzahra A Mohamed Baiker, Ziryab Imad Taha
Sch Acad J Pharm | 49-53
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2021.v10i03.003
March 28, 2021 | Original Research Article
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Design and Development of Multiparticulate Floating Drug Delivery System Containing Lisinopril
Rathod Sayali P, Jadhao Umesh T, Lokhande Sneha S, Panchal Pranita P, Wakade RB
Sch Acad J Pharm | 54-59
DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2021.v10i03.004
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